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Enhance consumer awarenessIncrease traffic and sales
Expand and maintain loyal customersGrow market share

Clipper Magazine

Clipper Magazine, the largest direct mail advertising magazine in the U.S., is our flagship publication providing value and savings to families for almost 30 years.

  • Local, regional and national mailing options
  • Community-oriented - filled with value and savings from local businesses and national brand names
  • Business builder – designed to increase visibility, store traffic and sales; expand market share
  • Measureable, traceable – easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Easy to read and keep – magazine format, full color printing on gloss stock
  • Immediate impact/Extended exposure - 4 to 6 week shelf life far exceeds other print media options
  • Target demographic – homeowners with families; skews toward women, the primary decision-makers for household purchases
  • Low cost/High return - just pennies per home
  • Guaranteed delivery by U.S. Postal Service



Clipper Magazine

Home and Decor Ideas

Highlight your business and generate qualified leads while providing consumers with great ideas for improving and enhancing their homes.

  • Mailed in select markets nationwide
  • Delivered free of charge to pre-selected homeowners
  • Editorial feature articles by category
  • Guaranteed delivery by U.S. Postal Service

Home Decor Magazine