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Expand and maintain loyal customersGrow market share

Local Data Postcards (LDP)

  • Stand-alone postcard

  • One per household, per mailing

  • Depending on market, choose from sub-zip code distribution or targeting based on publication distribution

  • Minimum quantity 10,000 designed, printed and mailed

Solo Postcards by Gannett Direct Mail Solutions

Anytime Postcards

Choose from full zip code saturation or targeted carrier route mailing by median income or median home value.

  • Custom solo postcards mailed anywhere at any time
  • Designed, printed, mailed to your custom list – only 29.9¢ to 32.9¢ per piece
  • Choose from full zip/carrier route saturation or targeted routes based on quantity
  • Minimum quantity: 7K homes

Anytime Postcards by Gannett Direct Mail Solutions